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Residential Services and Fees:

Private Use Services

Residential and Condominium

Limited Analysis and Reporting
Desktop Appraisal (No Inspection) $150
704 Limited Appraisal Analysis (Limited Inspection) $200
General Purpose Appraisal Reports (GPAR)
GPAR for Single Family Residential (Full Appraisal)


GPAR for Single Family Condominium (Full Appraisal) $350*
GPAR for Multi-Family Residential (Full Appraisal) $500*
GPAR for Vacant Land (Under 10 Acres) $300*
GPAR for Vacant Land (10 to 50 Acres) $400*
GPAR for Vacant Land (Over 50 Acres) Quote
*Add $50 for Tax Assessment Value Dispute Assignments

Financial Use Services

(Financial Use Services Include the 1004MC Addendum)

Single Family Residential

1004 Single Family Residential (SFR)


1004 FHA (SFR) $400
1004 Income (SFR) w/ 1007 & 216 $450
1004C (SFR) Manufactured $400
2055 (SFR) Exterior Only $300

Single Family Condominium

1073 Single Family Condominium (SFC) $400
1073 FHA (SFC) $400
1073 Income (SFC) w/ 1007 & 216 $475
1075 (SFC) Exterior Only $300

Multi-Family Residential

1025 (2 Units) Multi-Family Residential (MFR) $500
1025 (3-4 Units) (MFR) $600
1025 FHA (2 Units) (MFR) $550
1025 FHA (3-4 Units) (MFR) $650

Vacant Land (Residential Zoned)

Vacant Land Form (Under 10 Acres) $300
Vacant Land Form (10 to 50 Acres) $400
Vacant Land Form (Over 50 Acres) Quote
Highest and Best Use Analysis Quote
Subdivision Development Method Quote

Appraisal Reviews (No 1004MC Required)

2006 Desktop Appraisal Review Form (ARF) $250
2006 Desktop (ARF) w/ New Comparables $300
2000A Exterior Only Field Review Form (FRF) $350
2000A Exterior Only (FRF) w/ New Comps $375

Appraisal Updates (No 1004MC Required)

1004D (Progress Inspection/Final Inspection) $100
1004D (Recertification of Value Only) $175
1004D (Recert of Value w/ New Comparables) $200

Specialty Services

Narrative Appraisal Reports Quote
Consulting Services $80/Hr
Court Professional Witness $80/Hr

Miscellaneous Services

Change (Private Use Appraisal to Financial Use) $100
Change (Financial Appraisal Form Change) $100
Change (Financial Appraisal Inspection Type Change) $75
Upgrade (Standard Inspection to FHA Inspection) $75
Upgrade (Add Income Form 1007 Only)


Upgrade (Add Income Form 216 Only)


Upgrade (Add Income Forms 1007 & 216)


Upgrade (Add 1004MC Addendum) $75
Trip Fee (Property Inspection Only) $50
Trip Fee (Property Inspection w/ Comps) $100
Rush Fee (Negotiable Timeframe)


Fee Increases Due to Increased Difficulties:

Homes Between 3,001 to 4,500 Square Feet - add $50.

Homes Between 4,501 to 6,000 Square Feet - add $100.

All Homes 6,001 Square Feet and Up  - Quoted.

For Desktop and Limited Analysis Appraisals - add $25 for Homes Between 3,001 to 4,500 sq.ft.

For Desktop and Limited Analysis Appraisals - add $50 for Homes Between 4,501 to 6,000 sq.ft.


Payment Terms:

C.O.D. Payment is due in full at the time of property inspection and a receipt will be given.  Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Personal Check.  Billing is offered to Frequent Customers or with Approved Credit Application.  Billing payment is due within 30 days of the property inspection and all forms of payment are accepted.

Cancellation Terms:

An appraisal can be cancelled prior to the property inspection with no fees.  An appraisal cancelled after the property inspection but prior to completion is subject to a trip fee.  A completed and delivered appraisal cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Refund Policy:

If Payment is recieved and an appraisal is cancelled prior to inspection a full refund will be sent within 30 days.  There are no refunds for completed and delivered appraisals.