Marketrend Appraisals+

Appraisal Services
Form Reports Completed on the:
General Purpose Appraisal Report (GPAR)
ACI Software Delivered in PDF Format

 Single Family Residential
 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)


 Single Family Condominium
 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)
 Multi-Family Residential (2-Units)
 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)
 Multi-Family Residential (3-4 Units)
 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)
 Vacant Land (Residential Use/Zoned) Quote
Measurement Services
Single or Multiple Page Sketch
with Dimensions and Calculations
Apex Software Delivered in PDF Format
 "The MT Prelim"
 Preliminary Square Footage Evaluation
 Intended for Realtor Listing Presentations

 Home Measurment to ANSI Standard
 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)

Tours / Floorplans
iGUIDE Premium
 iGUIDE Premium
 Virtual Tour & Floor Plan

 (Under 2,000-sf Total Space Scanned)
 (Add $25 Per Every 250-sf Over)

Additional Services 
 Narrative Appraisal Reports  Quote
 Appraisal Review Services
 Consulting Services $100/Hr
 Court Professional Witness $100/Hr
 Trip Fee (No Property Inspection) $75
 Trip Fee (With Property Inspection) $150
 Rush Fee (Negotiable Timeframe & Price) Quote

Appraisal / Measurement / iGUIDE
Fee Increase for Over 2,000-sf Total Space:

$25.00 Increase Per Every 250-sf Over 2,000-sf Total Space

Homes 15,000-sf+ (Please Request a Quote)

"Total Space" Means ALL Living Space Above and Below Grade.
(Includes: Finished and/or Unfinished Basement Area)
(Does Not Include: Garage, Sunroom, Breezeway) 

Other Assignment Difficulties
Which Could Result in Fee Increases:

Custom and/or Non-Conforming
Accessory Unit(s) and/or Outbuilding(s)
External Influences Such as Highway, Airport, Lake, Golf
Specific Scope of Work Requirements

Any assignment difficulties resulting in fee increases
will be discussed and agreed to 
within an Engagement Letter

Payment Terms:

Payment is due in full at the time of property inspection and a receipt will be given. We accept: Cash, Personal Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and ACH Direct. Billing is offered to Frequent Customers with Approved Credit Application. Billing payment is due within 30-days of the property inspection and all forms of payment are accepted.

Cancellation Terms:

An appraisal can be cancelled prior to the property inspection with no fees. An appraisal cancelled after the property inspection but prior to completion is subject to a trip fee. A completed and delivered appraisal cannot be cancelled for any reason.

Refund Policy:

If Payment is received and an appraisal is cancelled prior to inspection a full refund will be sent within 5-days. There are no refunds for completed and delivered appraisals.